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Management Safeguards works with both private and government organizations, helping them prepare for, prevent and mitigate various types of threats. We have the personnel, processes and technologies to provide a robust, reliable and custom-built threat-reduction plan for your business.

Our Team at Management Safeguards can provide you with a comprehensive plan in:


Threat Assessments

At Management Safeguards we utilize an easy to understand Threat Matrix to assist in determining what actions should be taken for each Threat and more importantly what threats a particular industry may face. All of our Professionals are members of the International Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. Our experience is broad in both Assessments and response.
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Driving is one of the most dangerous activities we participate in daily. Vehicle incidents can drastically impact your bottom line but through training we can help reduce your exposure.
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Crisis Management

When a crisis strikes, well-laid plans make all the difference. Our team can help you create a preparedness protocol for any crisis from natural to man-made. Protecting your reputation throughout the process is key to restoring your business to the thriving community that existed before the crisis.
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Our Training programs are “Hands On”. We have learned that those who take our classes fair better then lecture only programs. They retain the lessons learned and obtain a skillset they can build on in their current roles.
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Management Safeguards has years of experience in Corporate Investigations. Our Team has a diverse background and wide reach. We are able to respond quickly to clients concerns. Our Team handles the following types of Investigations regularly.
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Our Team

Management Safeguards utilizes a network of former Federal, State, local, law enforcement as well as Military, and Facility Professionals. Our staff has years of experience in instructing continuity of operations, threat assessments, disaster management, active shooter and workplace violence response. Our clients range from small businesses, to large transit companies.

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Chuck DiSchino

Chuck DiSchino

President / COO

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Brian Miller

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We conduct workplace safety assessments and training for supervisors and staff to prepare them for and prevent violence. Contact us to schedule a consultation and preliminary overview of your business.